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Todo list (characters)
« on: December 19, 2018, 06:09:43 PM »
To do (design)
This is a to do list about each character and the progress of it. If you have your own web comics character feel free to discuss ideas for your character.

Characters (selectable)

Characters (non selectable)
Toasty the toaster

Characters (support)

Characters (other)

Moves (ideas to work out / animate)

BlushyFace attacks
WIP: BlushBomb (N) -> Discuss it here
WIP: Planet Blushy (S)
to be done: Mega Blush fireball (N) (suggested tehbasshunter)
to be done: Bloud army (N)

Pillow attack
to be done: Fishbat (N)
to be done: Heal (N)
to be done: Refresh (N)
to be done: Angry blast (S)

Woodie attacks
to be done: Blicken & BlushBee (S)
to be done: Field of thorns (S)

Team attacks
WIP: __BlushyFace__ & __Pillow__ Pillow smash
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