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Blushy avatars / What would be a fun leveling system to implement?
« Last post by BlushyFace on November 27, 2019, 12:27:14 AM »
So I have a basic leveling system implemented that does nothing more than leveling up at a linear rate and reaching a certain amount of experience it unlocks certain things that can be a new move such as an attack etc.

At the moment experience gained is based on being in chat and bonus exp when actually chatting (subs have an extra 1.x multiplier as thanks for supporting my stuff) but I'm looking for a more fun way to gain exp and ideas what to unlock besides the basic stuff like gain hit points / stamina and skills that can be used in battle.

So all things said, to summarize what I'm asking for is what kind of leveling system would be fun to implement and how should it work so i can write it into BlushyAvatars. Idea's are welcome so we can have a fun mini game during a stream where everyone in chat can participate in.

An example of leveling would be

Next level = currentEXPRequired = (level + (level * 175) + 1000)

This would mean a new starting character that starts at level 1 has 1176 EXP or more and a level 100 character has 988800 EXP or more. Now that we know how much is required to level the next step is to find ways to gain them. As said before being in chat and chatting are 2 ways to gain but wouldn't it be more fun to have more ways such as able to trade channel currency for EXP potions or buy an EXP item that passively gains you additional EXP etc? Well this is where I'm stuck at at the moment. So let me ask you instead, what would you like to have in a leveling system and how would you like to gain exp to unlock stuff and what would like to to see unlocked?
Blushy avatars / Re: Updates
« Last post by BlushyFace on August 07, 2019, 01:21:32 AM »
Added cheer emotes when someone cheers. Basically every avatar in chat jumps around and the emotes used in the cheer will show up.

Resources / [Request] Looking for a bunch of sound effects
« Last post by BlushyFace on August 06, 2019, 11:45:00 AM »
If anyone knows where I can find a bunch of royalty free sound effects for ->

dizzy / faint
appear disappear
various attack sfx

Let me know with a reply, thank you!
Blushy avatars / [To do] Things that are being worked on
« Last post by BlushyFace on August 06, 2019, 01:27:57 AM »
To do

Add stamina -> avatar actions costs stamina. When out, it needs to rest for a bit (auto regen stamina) before performing another action (this can mean that when battling and the avatar has no stamina it can be an easy target for other avatars to attack).
Resources / [Requests] Sprite sheets
« Last post by BlushyFace on August 05, 2019, 09:58:54 PM »

Those that are interested in helping out creating animated sprite sheets can find the list below with a description what I'm looking for. Sprite sheets that are done or work in progress are marked with [name of creator] behind the sprite sheet. The basic idea is to have various avatars that people can collect / use and make it more interesting overall as each avatar is unique though can be similar as well.

General guideline
 ~4/8+ frames each per animation up to the designer but should look smooth and must be able to transition between moves (e.g.when walking and then jumps the transition should look smooth) , animation size 64x64 / 32x32, each animation must be in its own row when making a spritesheet that contains multiple moves. To help ease that you can use a tool I wrote here -> , the tool can convert GIFs to sprite sheet or combine multiple PNGs animation / moves into a single sprite sheet.

Looking for someone to make one or more of the following sprite sheets:

-> various RPG like monsters for example various slimes, skeletons, orcs, ogres, dragons
-> various Blushy characters (blushyface, pillow, wifly, killerjuicy, blushbee, fly vampire, woodtree, blicken the chicken, bloud the cloud, blunny the sunny etc)
-> various food themed characters (bread, cookie, carrot, jellybeans, various sushi's etc)
-> various background characters that are shown in the background (like a flying bird, clouds, grass, houses / skyscrapers etc, do not need to have any moves apart from being in the background)
-> various game themed characters for example overwatch

Note #1: avatars have upgrade paths for example when blushyface reaches level 30 it can be upgraded to a different "stronger" version, changes should be subtle but noticeable for example adding auras (see optional but highly desirable below)
Note #2: provide a definition file for each move can be provided for example specify walking speed for each avatar or how much damage an attack does etc. An example how a definition file looks like can be found here ->

General avatar moves
The moves below applies for EACH avatar, ideally a move can have multiple variations (marked with "various") so keep that in mind.

Minimum for each avatar:
-> idle (side, front and back view)
-> walk
-> run
-> jump
-> celebrate (various)
-> attack (various)
-> defense / block
-> got hit / hurt / taking damage animation (various)
-> dizzy / faint
-> dead animation (various)

Optional but highly desirable moves (do when minimum is done):
-> thumbs up / yay / hurray (this is similar to celebrate)
-> "parachute" when avatars fall from the airplane

Optional but highly desirable general animations to make it look better overall
-> various join / leave chat animations like a "poof cloud"
-> various running move animation like a "dust cloud"
-> various aura's (like DBZ -> yellow (or any color really) glow around the character), lightning sparks all round the avatar, static discharge on the ground etc
-> various backgrounds, doesn't need to be animated but does need to be pixel art

-> bomb + various explosion animations (or any other explosives like TNT etc)
-> various poke balls (to capture avatars)
-> faint / dizzy stars (like when an avatar is down to 0 HP)
-> dust cloud (a running dust cloud)
-> healing item (something that shows that it recovers HP)
-> various gold coins / pile of gold etc
--> got a suggestion for an item? Let me know!

Character specific moves


-> airplane (this can be larger than 64x64 as the idea is that avatars jump down from it for a battle royale fight)
-> various parachutes

When you have made a sprite sheet feel free to reply here below so I can add it and add you to the credits list + link to your social media / Twitch etc.
Resources / [Guide] How to create and add an avatar
« Last post by BlushyFace on July 27, 2019, 10:03:49 AM »
For avatar to be usable they need to meet the following requirements:
Avatar sprite sheets can be any size but recommended is 16px / 32px / 64px per frame and the sprite sheet file must be named the same as the definition file that contains the specifics of each action. If there are various alternate variations for that sprite sheet you can specify that in "variations=".

Example when creating a new avatar called "BlushyFace"


Definition file  blushyface.txt




Blushy avatars / Updates
« Last post by BlushyFace on July 25, 2019, 11:34:41 AM »
A summary of past updates can be found here:


+ added support for custom actions
-> when receiving a donation or when someone subscribes, every avatar now makes a default jump action to celebrate
Blushy avatars / Jump added, every avatar can now jump
« Last post by BlushyFace on July 24, 2019, 11:49:17 AM »
Jumping is added for every avatar and is enabled by default. No need to level up and unlock the action.

And this is how it looks in an overlay.

Blushy avatars / How to use BlushyAvatars
« Last post by BlushyFace on July 23, 2019, 05:22:19 AM »
The plan is to move discussions about BlushyAvatars here but for now the guide / how to can be found @

Super Blushy Wars (on hold) / Re: [WIP] progress report
« Last post by BlushyFace on February 19, 2019, 01:47:05 AM »
map scrolling is done now too. (had to rework some stuff cause it was laggy on big sized maps but not performs quite a bit smoother!)

old (laggy)

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